Forever Headbands & Accessories - Uniquely Made in Toronto


                          T r y  U s  O n c e,  L o v e  U s  F o r e v e r !  


We are Daniela and Lisa Pantusa, creators and designers of Forever Headbands & Accessories and we have the most creative headband anywhere!  If you like wearing headbands you'll really enjoy wearing ours!

We are excited to bring you our handmade headbands and accessories that you can personalize and make as unique as you are!

Our story begins with one child, my daughter Daniela who was 12 years old at the time, a lot of headbands and some extra fabric. Fabric that Daniela had plans for.   She brought me one of her headbands,one of many that were cluttering up one of her drawers.  It was a regular plastic headband, and before I knew it she was slipping the fabric over it.  We knew we were on to something.   How about creating a headband with removable Slip-On covers?  The brainstorming Began!  

We thought of the advantages:

  • Mix and match them...the possibilities are endless.  
  • Space saving,  No more drawers stuffed with headbands, just one headband and the cover of your choice.
  • Regular headbands can get pretty dirty.  Natural oils from skin, hair and hair products can build up on them and they usually end up being thrown away.  Forever Headbands covers are washable  so they stay clean and that makes them hygienic.
  • Having only one headband base makes Forever Headbands Eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.  Less plastic headbands will end up in landfills because you keep the base and replace the covers. 
  • They are great for everyday use or special events.  They are a unique gift idea for birthdays, stocking stuffers, la befana, bat-mitzvah or just because.... They can also be themed around certain events such as School Fund-Raisers, Birthday Party Loot Bags, Christmas, New Years Eve,  Weddings, Bridal Showers, Easter, Halloween etc... or match one to your favourite outfit.

Thinking about all the advantages, the ideas kept rolling in.  We decided to create a handmade line of accessories to go with the covers and bases.  We also decided to make hand-made bracelets, scrunchies, scarves and more....The products we make are not mass produced, each one is made by hand, therefore they are very unique.  Once that colour fabric is finished it's gone. But don't worry we always have other unique beautiful fabrics to replace them.

We knew that girls of every age would appreciate the advantages of Forever Headbands.

Daniela, my husband and I have participated in the following shows:

  • The "One Of A Kind" Show
  • Canadian National Exhibition
  • St. Mary's Ontario Show
  • Milton Craft Shows
  • Presented at a TD sponsored Junior Achievement
  • Fundraising Events at:
            Etobicoke Suzuki Music
            Etobicoke School Of the Arts
            Dovercourt Public School (Fun Fair)
There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the look of excitement in someones eyes when they are buying or receiving a Forever Headband!

Enjoy creating your own unique and beautiful look!

  • We are also pleased to offer custom colours and designs.  Please contact us for  further information.
  • We offer wholesale.
Forever Headbands & Accessories are made in Toronto, Canada.  We have a shop and showroom located at 951 Wilson Avenue, Unit 19, suite 201.  

Forever Headbands & Accessories is currently Patent Pending